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Writer: Maritza M. Mejía

Photo by Cayetano Gil

Hello New York! Hello Spain! Hello America! Hello Europe!


We are a creative team that aims to spread writers and artists globally.

In this way, we seek to contribute to the construction of a culture of peace and to add to its accessibility of information its diversity and opportunities for equity.

On this site you will find valuable, high-quality information.

Artist: Duba Cruz Paris


The team of Virtual Cultural Pages greets you, a collective enterprise that seeks to make visible the work of plastic writers and artists.

Our goal is to spread the culture from virtual platforms, both on portals and on social networks and through videos on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Thus, we dedicate ourselves so that the artistic production that he provides us (for example, the cover of his books or photographs of his plastic works) can be seen by thousands of people.


We want to remind you that we will continue in our work of spreading art, literature and culture at no economic cost to writers and plastic artists.


Virtual Cultural Pages is also a bridge for artists and writers to bond with each other, recognize each other and build synergies in favor of their work.


We believe we are a concrete contribution to a more diverse, equitable and just world, which is possible through the reflections of art. In this sense, we invite you to embark with us on the path to the bases of a culture of peace.

Privacy Policy
We are a site where you will find information on writers and plastic artists of different nationalities.

1. The author or collaborator agrees, without restrictions, that Virtual Cultural Pages www.hildafusion.com promote their literary and artistic works on social networks and sites. This is a dissemination action.

2. The images of the covers of the literary and artistic works are the responsibility of the writer and plastic artist.

3. We will disseminate reliable news, which we can find through our friends, trustworthy sites and other platforms on the net.

4. The writer must notify the publisher that he is going to authorize Virtual Cultural Pages www.hildafusion.com to disseminate his literary works, if he does not do so and we receive a notification from the publisher with some reproach or demand, we immediately remove the diffusion without prejudice to us.

To publishers, freelance writers, poets, and artists in general, we apologize if they find any errors in the broadcast; please do not hesitate to indicate it as soon as you notice it, in order to correct it.

You can contact us, generally, through visitamemagazine.ny@gmail.com. We will respond in the order that we receive the emails.

The Virtual Cultural Pages Team.

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