Carlos Villarrubia

Carlos Villarrubia (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, July 22, 1955). Writer, composer, journalist, multimedia author, traveler, cosmopolitan and nomadic soul. Much of his life is spent in l'Hospitalet.

Researcher of creative formats, he explores all emotional languages. He has participated as an author in more than 50 books such as Shared Pleasures, Affections in Action, Sensitive Zone, Bye bye lágrimas (in collaboration with Silvia Marsó and Ginés Liébana), Cuaderno de Habaneras, La isla del ensueño, Iris Lázaro, La mirada radial, Architecture and life of borders, The most pop, Penumbrales de la Romeraca, The book of angels (where he collaborates with Miguel Bosé, Luis Racionero, Nacho Cano, Paco Nieva). Author of the monologues Barcelóca and sera leyenda, later performed by Silvia Marsó and Paola Dominguin. Creator of the cultural group La Empresa Invisible. Member of the editorial board of Album Letras Artes, where he has published more than 60 essays on emotional thinking and travel. His themes illustrate films such as Tatawo, Balseros or Eneadrama. Actor also in the film Eneadrama .

Author of more than 500 songs performed by more than 100 artists such as Martirio, Mayelín, Lucrecia, Banda Caliente, Cómplices, Miguel Ríos, Chago Melián, Carme Canela, Cómplices, Hilario Camacho, Ángela Muro, Los Manolos, Pedro Javier González, Los que Do not scold or José Antonio Ramos. Author of the musicals Angels and demons, María de Candelaria , Viva Vivaldi. Screenwriter-reporter on TV shows such as The Art of Living, Por querencia, Por la ruta de los vientos, Signs of the olive tree, Mano a mano, or Vostè asks . Audiovisual director. Lecturer. Director of affective creation meetings at Ecocentro-Madrid. Collaborator in radio and television gatherings. Presenter of cultural events. Explorer of emotional languages, director of emotional expression workshops. Nomadic soul.

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Carlos Villarrubia

Photo by Johannes Plenio

Close to the stars, when I'm still night, I open all the balconies and traveled in your gaze, New Moon in love. I know that there are thousands of ambushes, that tie me to the asphalt, but freely round ... on a walk through the clouds. It is not that I am juggling or becoming a trapeze artist, but at every step I feel that love is always my guide. And that all the roads, always at the end - always ready, are diluted when he advanced from the tireless force of my illusion. There are more skies and sweet hours to linger in your heart. Silences remain to call the party, the concert of the senses, the indisputable reasons of the heart.

I know you are looking for me as a sure talisman, survivor in the seas of delirium. I know you love me when I leave Cowardice, run away from pillows and discover Isla Alborada. And I allow myself to achieve, what I previously denied. And I say yes, when your love calls me. I empty the saddlebags of convoluted nostalgia. Through the forest of your caresses, revealed in full shared pleasure, I am someone else, or really, I am the one I already had inside.

In line with heaven, on the verge of caramel, desire finds a sweet journey through the body of the soul. I leave all the stubble of thought-anguish, I renew myself to the rhythm that life and its healthy will to remain in battle, asks me. I want and respond. I love and receive the joyous invitation to love. He militated, in full dedication, in love. And its infallible elixir opens all the doors that hide those who definitely accept and value me.

Colors the landscape of feelings, I rediscover the timeless village with my decided joy. My old melancholy is increasingly disarmed, my commitment to the hopeful future is increasingly reaffirmed. In line with the sky, without veils or sleeplessness.

Carlos Villarrubia

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