Claudia   Lola Alonso

Born in Toledo, Spain, she is a teacher and writer. He has published with Editorial Celya the poetry books “Cántico en ellipse” and “Leonor de espliego” and “El cantar de los nomads” with Editorial Playa de Ákaba, with whom he has also participated with a story in the collective anthology “Things that matter to us” . With Editorial Pagine de Roma he has published several poems in the anthology "Reflejos". And keep unpublished books of all genres.

Homoj you love liberecom


The human being loves freedom

Drunk agape of longings, transparency is your essence,

in whose sphere we are ethereal, ineffable,

sleepwalkers, looking for human epiphany

May it give us life and the pustules heal.

Mother of pearl is sown by favorite stars
synchronous and in good serendipity tied.

In the past, little clouds keeping the fit

child and ages, today also love.

We would like, peaceful hands, to fight
Where the world dispute still rustles
with crusts of fears that don't know how to kiss,
disinherited honor crying at extermination
of water and cereals and wounded silences.

A sparkle of eyes holds us looking at us,
like the flapping of turtledoves and flowers,
his call concerns all cultures,
to hopeful feet that flee from the embers
of bombs and violence, or nostalgia for the sea
with castaways asleep in dark boats.

Viruses, misery, lies of power,
the wavy exile of any outcast,
pyres for women and freethinkers.
terror and wars, drugs without paradise,
garments that condemn without seeing the beam itself,
exploitation, revenge even in families,
rapes of flesh or spirit ... Ah, pain
crying out before the absurd, that their fire is urgent! ...

But you, Love, spread out like desert flower,
You raise illusions by bejeasing homes
and streets with beggars and cracked lands,
cosmos with helplessness, or exodus without borders.
Like effervescence of affable alliances
the touch of your waiting is a true link
and are consciousness courses that turn in your orbits
and spaces of the maps and intimacies made.
Your truces change screams for a well-made presence
and our mouths look like dragonflies with you.

Blessed are they who pronounce
your name of light gazelle against bullets,
the vital projects of all hugs,
the poor energy prayer of a slum
or from a shack and newborns
attached to the mystical breasts of their mothers,
hearts full of tiredness and wrinkles
And every iridescence of fronds with stars
that gravitate in the mud of our own cells
and minds, the caress of finger rings
invisible, curved like sheep.
Our dream brings us to the ancestors
who painted their caves or filled papers
and they invented the rain with sandalwood tears.

Dignity is amazement, you want to be future
with passion or balance. Pride will be lost
unfair on clean fronts, treasures will grow
of philanthropy, empathies of the world.

You, Love who choose us, untie our ties
thirst in our tongues, your works are simple.

Dream, stay, live, put lilacs in your arms
and make your ethnic elephant mana and peace
because life is one and multiple and only
community we will be dreaming the truth.

Loves of the nights and days to come,
give birth to an alphabet of Humanity, sing!

Claudia   Lola Alonso

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