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Antonio Agudelo

(Villaviciosa, Córdoba, 1968) is a poet, anthologist, essayist and literary researcher. He studied at the Universidad Laboral de Córdoba. Each new book by this unclassifiable poet who exercises poetry like a priesthood, retired in the solitude of the woods, is an event. In his work, the following stand out: “El Sueño de Ibiza”, (1st and 2nd edition of the Provincial Council of Córdoba, 2008 and 2011), (3rd Edition 2012, Depapel Editions); the anthology “Paisajes Corchúos”, (2009, Córdoba Provincial Council); “Madreagua”, (2012, Ediciones Depapel); "The Thermal Power Plant. Haikús ”, (2012, Ediciones Depapel); "The Liquid World", (2014, Editorial Celya), which traveled to the Washington Library of Congress, "El Cielo Ajedrez (2016, Editorial El Sastre de Apollinaire);" The Athlete of the Abyss ", (2018, Editorial Catorcebis) ; "The gold of lightning where the universe fits", (2019, Editorial Elvo); and "Sky Chess", translated by Professor Claudia Routon (2020, 2nd Edition, Editorial Dialogues, USA)

Agudelo has been translated into English by Claudia Routon and into Portuguese by Aurora Cuevas Cerveró. He regularly participates in the Cycles "Literary Citation", of the Provincial Council of Córdoba, and "Capital Letters", of the Andalusian Center of Letters, and in the programs of the Community of Artists "Debajo del Sombrero, Punto y Seguido", of Radio Miami (USA).

He has won the Third Prize of the Temirqazyq International Contest in 2019, organized by the World Nations Writers Union, with which the best poets and writers in the Spanish language are awarded. He has been a jury for the prestigious Acordes and Vicente Núñez poetry awards. It has been included in the Anthologies: "En pie de paz" (Javier Fernández, Plurabelle, Córdoba, 2003; "La Luna en Verso" (Francisco Acuyo, Granada, 2013); "Mapuche", "Zenobia Camprubí and Juan Ramón Jiménez" (Basque Country, 2014); "Quejío", (Córdoba with Woman's Cry 2015); Poetry in the Winery (Antonio Flores, Ateneo de Córdoba, 2017); and "Verses to dance or not" (Javier Irigaray, ed. Almuzara , Almería, 2019) He has participated in the cultural magazines: "Noche Laberinto" (Colombia), "Desván" (Madrid), "Platypus Soup", "Suspiro de Artemisa" (Córdoba), "The flight of flamenco" ( Cartagena), "On the green shore" (Malaga) etc. He has participated in the International Festival "Cosmopoetics, Poets of the World in Córdoba (2011 and 20012)"; in "La Noche en Blanco de Granada (2013)"; in the III International Meeting of Poetry City of Úbeda (Jaén, 2016); and in the VIII Meeting of Mystical Poetry in the San Miguel de Escalada Monastery (León, 2017). He is currently collaborating in the International Magazine of C ultura Visit Me Magazine from New York (USA) USA)


Author: Lope de Vega

Carlos Vaquerizo was born in Seville in 1978. He currently works as a High School teacher of Spanish Language and Literature in his hometown.

To date he has published eight collections of poems. He has won prestigious awards such as the "Adonáis" in 2005.

His poetry has a deep temporal concern and constantly reflects on concepts inherent to the human being: the idea of God, death, destiny… as well as presenting numerous cultural references associated especially with cinema, literature or painting.

“Fiera veganza del tiempo” (Rialp, 2006), “Tributo de Caronte” (Ediciones Valparaíso, 2014) or “Versos del tightrope walker” (Editorial Verbum, 2018) are some of his books.


Poetic art

Build an altarpiece of words,
restless like fish in the sand
who seek another life beyond their life.
Build a shelter, a nest of words,
To fly safe from the world's rain


The trapeze artist's net that both fears and awaits the fall.



I recognize my shadow among the shadows.
The most intimate time has come to take me
through the devastating corridors of sleep,
through those twists and turns of unconsciousness that drag
to the dark feverish depths of memory.

The strange hour of the muses has come
that vampirically summon me.
The blank page assault has come,
the trance where I lose consciousness of myself,
the magical moment where I am not me.

Except death


Before or against the collapse of the world, here is my cry.
My verse is a cry, it is a collapse.
It expands with the world in its fall.


Nothing can remain. Except death.

Father in hospital

Crawling with death like a dog
rabid for life that does not cease
to whip your side, which does not stop
to let you live on the very edge
of that death that you have buried
deep in the eyes, deep down
of the last limits of life.


Crawling with death you rise,
you start your ascension from life
towards a new life, towards a light
not trampled by the eyes, towards a world
of Lázaro that opens your gaze.

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