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(Villaviciosa, Córdoba, 1968) is a poet, anthologist, essayist, and literary researcher. He studied at the Universidad Laboral de Córdoba. Each new book by this unclassifiable poet who exercises poetry as a priesthood, retired in the solitude of the woods, is an event. His works include: “El Sueño de Ibiza”, (1st and 2nd edition Diputación Provincial de Córdoba, 2008 and 2011), (3rd Ed. 2012, Ediciones Depapel); the anthology “Paisajes Corchúos”, (2009, Provincial Council of Córdoba); “Madreagua”, (2012, Ediciones Depapel); "The Thermal Power Plant. Haikús ”, (2012, Ediciones Depapel); “The Liquid World”, (2014, Editorial Celya), which traveled to the Library of Congress in Washington, "El Cielo Ajedrez (2016, Editorial El sastre de Apollinaire); and the bilingual anthology:" El Cielo Ajedrez. Sky Chess ", (2nd edition) translated into English by Claudia Routon (University of North Dakota (USA)," The Athlete from the Abyss ", (2018, Editorial Catorcebis); and" The gold of lightning where the universe ", (2019, Editorial Elvo).

Agudelo has been translated into English by Claudia Routon and into Portuguese by Aurora Cuevas Cerveró. He usually participates in the Cycles "Literary Appointments", of the Provincial Deputation of Córdoba, and "Capital Letters", of the Andalusian Center of Letters, and in the programs of the Community of Artists "Under the Hat, Point and Followed", of Radio Miami (USA).

At the same time, Agudelo has cultivated the essay around the poetic experience with "The initial word, theories of the world". He has been a jury of the prestigious poetry awards Acordes and Vicente Núñez. It has been included in the anthologies: "On foot of peace" (Javier Fernández, Plurabelle, Córdoba, 2003; "La Luna en Verso" (Francisco Acuyo, Granada, 2013); "Mapuche", "Zenobia Camprubí and Juan Ramón Jiménez" (Basque Country, 2014); "Quejío", (Córdoba with Grito de Mujer 2015); and Poetry in the Cellar (Antonio Flores, Ateneo de Córdoba, 2017. He has participated in the magazines: "Noche Laberinto" (Colombia), " Desván "(Madrid)," Sopa de Ornitorrinco "," Suspiro de Artemisa "(Córdoba), El volar del flamenco (Cartagena) etc. He has participated in the International Festival" Cosmopoética, Poets of the World in Córdoba (2011 and 20012) " ; in "La Noche en Blanco de Granada (2013)"; in the III International Poetry Meeting Ciudad de Úbeda (Jaén, 2016); and in the VIII Mystical Poetry Meeting in the Monastery San Miguel de Escalada (León, 2017) Currently collaborates in the International Magazine of Culture Visit Me Magazine, New York (USA)



LLANOS GÓMEZ MENÉNDEZ, He has developed an artistic career in which his deep knowledge of the historical avant-gardes is appreciated and which gives rise to a very personal writing in which poetry and theater intertwine and merge, as is evident in the piece Cyclist Battalion, whose assembly was awarded by the Complutense University of Madrid; as well as, Arco Voltaico (2014), published by Editorial Amargord and Cartas de Caín (2020) edited by Ars Poética, both with a foreword by the scholar Eduardo Pérez Rasilla. The author also received a special mention from the jury at the Lorenzo Montano Prize (Verona-Italy) with La città de Dite (2013). His artistic experimentation, always related to speech and movement, has taken shape through LOCO-MOTORA TEATRO and the platform, dedicated to artistic research and creation. Likewise, the author has translated different poets such as Grabrielle Frasca, Antonella Anedda or Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, among others.

PhD from the Complutense University, she has focused her studies on the avant-garde and communication, paying special attention to the scene and performance. She is the author of numerous academic articles and the essay La dramaturgia futurista by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. The artistic discourse of modernity (2008), as well as the volume Synthetic Expressions of Futurism (2008); has co-directed the book Futurism. The explosion of the avant-garde (2011) and has been responsible for the historical part of the Depero Futurista catalog (2014), edited by the Fundación Juan March, which includes one of his investigations. She has been the editor and translator of Marinetti's The Inhuman Poem of Technicalities (2016) and has directed the dossier Las vanguardias en Hispanoamérica (2017), for Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, published by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has enjoyed various scholarships and research stays in centers such as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Italy), or the Archive of Futurism (Italy). She has been a professor at different public and private universities and Coordinator of the Aesthetics Area for the Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography and Composition of Contemporary Music at the Rey Juan Carlos-TAI University.


Cain's Letters

Caín's Letters is a text that addresses guilt and explores new literary spheres, with a powerful and at times prophetic language, where the Cervantes tradition is fused with a powerful avant-garde heritage. Thus, the shadow of Cipión, personage of The colloquy of the dogs and pseudonym used by Freud to sign part of his correspondence, presides over the entire work. After an essentially dramatic first dialogue, we find an epistolary or succession of choirs where “the language of Cain's Letters becomes decidedly lyrical and transits between the mythical and the apocalyptic, but there is no shortage of avant-garde verbal games, phonic findings or humorous winks (…) ”, As Professor Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla points out. It is not necessary to insist on the symbolic resonance of this miscellaneous text, endowed with singular literary thickness.

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exhausted I sharpen the bone of the will
the eyes yield to the light
I count the body over the voices


                    and the vault collapsed
the salt burned all the words
I waited for the noise to recover
devastated emitted the absolute
the sky fell
at the opposite angle
the other day, my second birth,
double anniversary of the double identity
from the new place, from the old one
exist multiple in the only instant
dissolution in precise action
no time, automatic breathing
displace rubble in the ruined desert
continue the mission
hold the circle


annihilate every night
in your name and in mine
sleeping passenger
narration and tides

in inertia obey
Lightning instruction

annihilate every night
guilt debts
sleep punishes against the ground
King's wheel head

stone staircase and justice
Lich Garden Trellis
sick oil
Resurrection Hospital
I, Cipión, sign my pardon

Electric arc

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Flat and another and another slide into your eyes without gaze,
conversation with reflexes and every stranger is me,
and you and my name.

outdoor electric light
make way for shadows
they move nervous, nervous they see
like a fluttering of birds

pecking at my last eyes

The geometric figure, one man and another always taller; temporal discipline, the second falls on the second, blank spaces, your eyes without gaze; the division of social work, the cavity of time, the underside, the lightning server of the frozen mud, the wind and the glass. My breathing; the elasticity of the contradiction, my soul, ferocity, fervor and faith. This very happy cemetery, the impetuous smile, the security of my burning feet; my table, this Carnival table, this swampy party, the trench of fear, the sound of frost, the cavity of time, the metallic scream.

I am a question,

I don't know

And my feet on fire walk on fire

Dite's cittá

Ventisettesima edizione (2013) Lorenzo Montano Prize (Verona-Italy)

Accadono le azioni in ogni prism of the suspicious geometric figure nello spazio che trascorre sfibrando scene del secondo sul secondo. An uomo e l'altro semper più alto inghiottirono istanti in due atti e sottomettono i piani alla discipline temporale, lasciando cadere frammenti.

I don't know

Piano d'imprimitura: nella benzina, bagnate le mani scivolono in questo asfalto verticale che annuncia il il percorso spezzato nell'angolo ultimo, spigolo dello adjoining scenario.

I don't know

Piano d'imprimitura: leggo impercettibile in grigio immagini in grigio and close imprint you in the sound per affondare lo sguardo. Cade nel secondo sul secondo e raggiungo il confine che delimits this prism calligramma.

I don't know

Piano di livello: motore ed esplosione di parole, l'operatore aspira significati, spazi in bianco, foglie secche e l'insetto cresce; tremore, whisper che abita la macchina, l'attrito del suo thosecheletro in questo feretro meccanico: la divisione del lavoro sociale, De la divisiondutravail social.

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Antonio Ángel Agudelo
Antonio Ángel Agudelo

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