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Adaptation generation

We are the generation # adaptation, or as they say now #resilience. For everything there is a more accurate word, or a newer one, sometimes because the concepts are clothed with haloes of heavy loads referred to other times and we need to dust off the terms.

I like the word "adaptation". It is simple and powerful. The universe is simple in its complexity, adapting is ... complex in its simplicity.

It is possible that the word adaptation has been given the burden of submission, which is not the same; or resignation, neither.

You live, you are breathing, reading or listening to this text, your heart beats, you breathe, you sleep, you are sick from time to time because we are and I say “we are” a continuous change, a continuous process of adaptation and readaptation, of movements of matter and energy that form that dynamic balance that shapes us.

Your pupils adapt to the intensity of the light. The blood vessels adapt to the heat and dilate to avoid a greater evil, letting the blood flow accelerated by the higher temperature or by the emotion of love or illusion. We adapt to coexist with microorganisms other than ourselves in symbiosis, such as occurs with the microbiota of the intestinal mucosa and the delicate upholstery of our internal cavities.

We adapt to the resources we have and in adaptation we learn that there are “Valley” and “Mountain” moments. Day and night, winter and summer, attraction and repulsion, fullness and emptiness. And they are all the same in different degrees.

Adaptation implies giving up?

No. It means finding the best solution that maintains the best status, the best path to destiny, making the necessary adjustments in the face of an unforeseen event.

It also implies the wise patience of those who know the laws of cycles and know how to move between them, with them.

Adaptation does not mean giving up or simply granting your power to another person.

Although there is also that of "an early withdrawal is a victory", which might seem to give way, but it is not. It is a retreat to rethink the next action, therefore, it is a rest between action and action.

We are happier when we know that adapting is observing and knowing in your heart-mind when to do something or nothing. To do nothing is not to do. But even if you do nothing, you are still alive, attentive, although in a more "contemplative" state.

Have you consciously tried to do nothing? To stop the stress and just enjoy being, being, thanking for being able to breathe, looking at the sky like when we were little and the clouds passed by with whimsical shapes? We were girls and boys and everything was wonderful.

I want to continue looking with amazed face and open mouth with emotion at everything that happens around me. I want to live with that illusion every minute. I want to cry every tear with feeling, blow my nose like a little girl and make me laugh foolishly. And I want all this to matter to me.

We are a generation of adaptation because the crises that we are experiencing in recent years are tremendous, we are children and grandchildren of combatants, soldiers and guerrillas, survivors, refugees or technological navigators, we are counter-current swimmers, scrapped at 45 by the labor market led by? ...

We are an adaptation generation willing to give everything even when they do not ask us because we know that our partners in the world, our children and their children need a better world.

Are you adaptation generation?

Dra. Nuria Lorite Ayán

- Founder of Biloba (School and Advisor for individuals and companies)

- Director of podcast and radio La Vida Biloba.
- Creator Master Life Products
- Academic.
- Governing Council Bircham International University

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Dra. Nuria Lorite Ayán

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