The search for Jade by Dr. Nuria Lorite Ayán ©

I don't care to see you or not to see you

I spin around, droplets of water smelling like bubbles fly around me. Floating on the ice of memory I slide between ancient roads, smiling sensations, well-being that lightly enlivens and makes the rhythm throb at my feet.

I dance alone in the dark with my eyes closed at noon. I write and I stop writing. I chant three words and follow the notes. The words don't matter, in fact I don't even understand them, I just like their sound.

Sonoridad sounds like sisterhood, a single letter and changes to another powerful meaning.

Brotherhood in what we transmit, not in the color of the skin, not in the hair, not in the brightness or simplicity of your clothes, not in the language that our brains think and that our mouths tone.

Brotherhood in the frequency that we feel, in the sound of the heart, in the vibration of the soul, in the alchemical rhythm of our neurotransmitted bodies.

I feel you sister, without seeing you, what's more, I don't care: I know that you are, I know that you exist and I perceive your spirit, the light of your thoughts reaches me and I know what moves your feet.

I know and navigate the universe in which you shine, all of you, woman, mother, friend, partner, creator, builder, watchman, beacon and tower, rest and push, tear and cry, rage and pain, fury and sadness, water and sand , hurricane and silence.

White nails that hold life with the strength of Medusa repairing her broken heart and her brain dismembered by implanted ideas of a world invented to extinguish the brightness of your existence, sister.

You are not alone. You are and I am with you.

Take my hands and dance with me this dizzying dance that throws dreams and fears into space and flies around us like drops smelling of soap and lavender, sounding like a drum and a harp.

Take my hands sister and feel my heart, your anchor, because we are all united weaving the fabric where the new men and women are what they already were, devoid of self-interested falsehood.

In the depth of the heart there is no gender, there is no body, only that primal mind that creates everything that everything is. Deep down, we are all something between him and her, between yin and yang. "Nothing and no one is absolutely yin or absolutely yang . "

If we stick together, nothing and no one will be able to break the ties, and life will grow and flourish wisely and generously with each being that inhabits the world.

Dr. Nuria Lorite Ayán

- Founder of Biloba: training, care, advice.
- Director of the podcast La Vida Biloba.
- Creator of Master Life natural products
- Academic of AICTEH and Costantinian Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters.
- Professor - Governing Council Bircham International University
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Dra. Nuria Lorite Ayán

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