Writes Cecilia Alegría, Dra. Amor

Things are starting to normalize, wedding plans can finally resume! And the time has come to think about the honeymoon and how to pamper your loved one, dedicating yourself 100% to the person to whom you have sworn eternal love ... and the perfect time has come to let yourself be conceited! Let's enjoy right now!

Here are 7 practical tips that will be added to everything that you had already thought and everything that others had recommended to you ... But as the popular saying goes: "It better than missing it!"

1) Prepare your skin for him ... If you didn't see him doing it already, cover your body with a good cream every night before going to sleep. Be careful with hair removal. You have to be careful with waxing so as not to arrive on your honeymoon with pimples or skin irritations. Use a scrub before waxing to remove dead skin, waxing gel or lather in abundance, and finish with a non-irritating moisturizer.

2) Forget about cell phone, iPad and laptop. The honeymoon is to be together and enjoy time alone with your new husband or wife, not for you to be glued to the phone all the time talking about your trip to your parents or friends. So put technology aside and forget about the world. Worry about being one hundred percent with your partner. If you want, you can call to say that you have arrived safely at your destination, but then it is better to disconnect.

3) Prepare a romantic kit. Prepare a romantic kit for the moments alone : oils and lotions to massage, candles to set the mood, romantic music, aromatic salts to give you a good bath, sexy lingerie, etc. Take advantage of one of our romantic surprises on the blog to make your honeymoon even more unforgettable.

4) Bring a small tape recorder or stereo equipment to listen to your favorite music to play at any time: on a walk on the beach, a romantic dinner, in your room, etc. Record those that remind them of the time they met. Dance. and .... dance for him!

5) Transform the bathroom in your room into a real spa: fill the tub with hot water and bubbles, surround it with candles and have a bottle of wine or champagne nearby ... After the bubble bath or on another occasion, plan a night of massages. Create a special atmosphere so that both of you feel very relaxed and enjoy it.

6) LESS THINGS TO DO = MORE TIME TO BE. Do not complicate your honeymoon with activities with fixed hours , not even tourist ones. It's about relaxing and taking time to contemplate one another, not running from one place to another. And ... better to be in private places to practice physical contact at all times!

7) To please your husband, wake him up one morning to make love to him. It is the time when most men enjoy it the most. The surprise will fascinate you!

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Cecilia Alegría, LDra. Amor

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