Writes Cecilia Alegría, Dra. Amor

When a couple faces difficulties, there are several options for approaching the problem. When you react, and one or both of you get out of control, due to the highly stressful situation you are experiencing, the angry reaction causes the stress to increase rather than decrease. It is equivalent to adding more wood to the bonfire.

When a couple faces a stressful situation, another decision they have to make is where they spend their energy. Either they do it by fighting and therefore mistreating each other or they do it by concentrating their efforts on what really matters without hurting the relationship. Let us ask ourselves which is more important: the matter we are discussing or the loved one we are arguing with?

While it is true that stress cannot be eliminated, we can choose THE WAY IN WHICH WE ARE GOING TO REACT to stressful situations. The way we react impacts our emotional health and consequently our love relationship.

To prevent stress from deteriorating the relationship every day, there are couple practices that are highly recommended such as yoga, tai chi, prayer or meditation.

Do not take your work home, do not receive calls from your job, outside of your working hours, unless it is really necessary. Disconnect and try to relax as soon as you walk through the door of your house and begin to interact with your family.

I recommend sharing your emotions with your partner when you feel stressed. You can say something like this: "Excuse me, my love, but I feel exhausted because today I had a very difficult day at work" ... And if possible, share with her the reasons why you feel this way.

Don't blame others for the way you feel or the exhaustion that overwhelms you. If you allow others to control your inner peace and take away the joy of living, it is you who is allowing it. Preserve your joy and peace. They belong to you and nothing and nobody can take them away from you if you don't let them.

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Cecilia Alegría, LDra. Amor

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