Isabel Rezmo 

Isabel Rezmo , (Úbeda, 1975) Poet, teacher, teacher, cultural manager and foreword artist .

From a very young age he began reading and writing, with Vicente Aleixandre, who he considers to be a mentor, at its greatest exponents.

Member of several writers associations. He has participated in numerous meetings, anthologies, national and international magazines. He directs and presents the radio program "Poesía y Más" on Onda Úbeda; and he regularly collaborates in the university station in Jaén UNIRADIO in the program "Desde Jayjan" by the poet Manolo Ochando. He carries out workshops of initiation to poetry in Primary and Secondary Ed. Coordinator of the International Poetry Meetings held in Úbeda in June. His verses have been translated into Romanian, Armenian, English, Hebrew, Italian, Catalan, and Portuguese on various blogs and literary magazines.


I Romanian-Spanish International Poetry-Performance Poetry Competition in Madrid in the Spanish language section, 2013

Second Prize Accitano Poetry Competition 2015, organized by the Bibilioteca de Guadix (Granada).

Third Prize at the El Molino International Poetry Contest with the poetry collection HABITO, October 2015


III And IV Poetry Contest "Life is Poetry" of the radio station Tular Irratia in Bilbao, 2014

I Tamariu Literary Contest in Palamós- Girona, 2014

World Poetry Prize, NOSSIDE AWARDS, Finalist with Indication of the Jury, held in Calabria, Italy, in 2015.

Apart from other finals with the publishers Diversidad Literaria.

His verses have been translated on various network blogs in Italian, Portuguese, Romanian or Catalan, Armenian. Highlight: In December 2016, Elisabeta Boțan, a writer and translator of Romanian origin, begins the translation of a series of 20 poems by Isabel on her blog: orizonturi poetice. Various poems translated on the blog of the Romanian poet, tradutor and philologist Andrei Langa also appear. Poems translated into Italian by the Italian poets Natale Buonarota, Carmelo Salvaggio or Pina Veroli. To the Armenian, thanks to the poet SAHarutyunyan. To Portuguese by the poet Fatima Nascimiento. To Catalan by the poet and translator Pere Bessó.

It is included in the web 2014 POETAS ANDALUCES BIOGRAPHIES AND POEMS OF THE EDITOR Fernando Sabido Sánchez, with the number 1931.

On the ARTEPOÉTICA website coordinated by the Nicaraguan writer, professor, poet André Cruchaga.

Isabel Rezmo's poem


All things, feelings, people become past. Like a printed death, suspended in a formalin glass. Like a cell phone message silenced by apathy.

We are the people who become third person singular. The plural has succumbed to an orgy and rushes to the platoon to be shot.

It is the disaggregation of a soporific atom that spreads radioactivity throughout my body. The intention of forgetting for a second the last fragment of the morning newspaper.

Everything that separates the imaginary line from my shadow is a lie. A sinister plan of the fairies, to keep the gate closed and continue with the distancing in the retina.

Isabel Rezmo 

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