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Maria del Carmen Aranda

I shout

I scream and scream for the voice of thousands of silenced,
stripped of illusions.
I scream and scream for the lack of colors
in their kidnapped looks

And I scream with the strength and fury of helplessness
to tear my soul apart.
And they, they submissive,
stripped of their pride,
They direct their sad and inert glances at me.

They died in their own entrails
accompanied by fear
and they were scented with the smell of emptiness.

Raise your cry!
Rescue the perfume from the flowers
in your lost bellies
and dress in the freshness of spring mornings.

Shout and shout with me!

Let's raise our hands
and remove our veils
of our numb faces.

I am a woman, I am free.
And you, enemy of my soul
that you are trying to take away my life,
hijack my smile
and bend to the bowels.

You, you are nobody,
You, you are nothing.

Maria del Carmen Aranda
Writer / Poet
Member of the North American Academy of International Modern Literature (ANLMI)
Member of the International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH)

María del Carmen Aranda

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