Poems by:

Belkis M. Marte

Belkis Marte Martich, Dominican Republic, narrator and poet. Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences from Mercy College. In his career he has ventured into the world of narrative, poetry and children's literature. He has published Memorias de mi Infancia (Cuento, 2016), My Childhood Memories (Cuento, 2017), De ti Depende la Color de la Noche / You Choose the Color of the Night (Poetry, 2018), El Girasol Haragán / The Lazy Sunflower , (Children's literature, 2019), Banana and Carrot Dream to be Free, (Children's literature, 2020), and Una Chiquita Gigante / A Giant Little Girl, (Children's literature, 2020). Belkis has participated in the Bronx and New Jersey book fairs. She was recognized for her literary contributions at the XXlll Fradique Lizardo Art and Culture Awards, 2019, San Cristóbal, RD. She was named, ambassador and cultural promoter of the Bronx by the Poetic and Cultural Cafeteria, Candela, of San Cristóbal, her native town.

Life is upset

What is it, life?
Why are you mad at me?
I’m but a single thought
in the whole universe

What have I done to you?
Have I been so bad?
What do I have to pay for?

Maybe the stones I threw as a
child? The lizard tails I cut off
to see if they would grow back
The little bites I gave my mom’s
breasts as I was fed?

What are you charging 
me for, life?
Is it maybe that I’ve been loved
ever since I was born 
while you’ve had to suffer 
everyone else’s torments?

Come on!
What is it with you, life?
Let me breath in the oxygen
from your trees
to quell this sadness.

Forgive me, life,
if I’ve not been what
you expected of me.

Just stay,
I don’t want to lose you.

Belkis Marte Martich
(De ti depende el color de la noche/
You choose the color of the night) 2018

Belkis  MMarte

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