Claudia   Lola Alonso

Born in Toledo, Spain, she is a teacher and writer. He has published with Editorial Celya the poetry books “Cántico en ellipse” and “Leonor de espliego” and “El cantar de los nomads” with Editorial Playa de Ákaba, with whom he has also participated with a story in the collective anthology “Things that matter to us” . With Editorial Pagine de Roma he has published several poems in the anthology "Reflejos". And keep unpublished books of all genres.

Word of the turtledove

(From the book "Bow and woman and birds")

A hand is the reason
and the other the heart.

Where is there reason in wars?
And a sensitive heart?

Look: they run away from you and me,
I torture on your lips,
you torture on my tongue.

Where is there reason in hunger?
What about liquid heart thirst?

They run away from life, they run away
from the others, they do not look out
nor to his own presence.

Where is there no reason
or in a persecuted heart?

They flee from all the turtledoves,
they talk about bread and it's a lie,
and they pay with a thousand coins.

Where is there reason I don't want
your heart of agency?

They flee to the wet sores
with sticks and with misery,
they ignore kiss and patience.

Where is reason if it breaks
the heart, what is a child?

They run away, run away. The ways
most devious disdain
the voices of innocence.

They believe that a hand is pain
and the other condemnation.
But no, no, no, no no.

A hand is the reason
and the other the heart!

Claudia   Lola Alonso

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