Claudia   Lola Alonso

Born in Toledo, Spain, she is a teacher and writer. He has published with Editorial Celya the poetry books “Cántico en ellipse” and “Leonor de espliego” and “El cantar de los nomads” with Editorial Playa de Ákaba, with whom he has also participated with a story in the collective anthology “Things that matter to us” . With Editorial Pagine de Roma he has published several poems in the anthology "Reflejos". And keep unpublished books of all genres.

Dignidades, from the book "The mother-of-pearl nightingale"

Your huge eyes of closeness
staring at me in relief and exhaling
my eyes, I in you captivated and intimate!

You bristle every vein, weaver
of my wool, in you I am contemplation!


And like every bride in this world

I manifest my offering, a corolla
that you feel even if you tell me nothing,
and in a very sweet moment I hear
every virtue without fear, butterflies
That the flowers of your countryside suck!


Your body is a door, I breathe
your echoes, your chiaroscuro as a friend,
and more than discovering you eternally,
I love you and you love me, my love!

Claudia   Lola Alonso

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