Poems by:

Elisabetta Bagli

Elisabetta Bagli was born in Rome in 1970 and has lived in Madrid since 2002. She has a degree in Economics and Business from the Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza". She worked as a teacher of Italian for foreigners at the Booklane Academy in Madrid, and now teaches private Italian classes and is a freelance translator and editor. He writes poems and stories published in various anthologies and specialized magazines on literature in Italian, Spanish and Albanian. His poems and writings have been translated into six languages: Spanish, Greek, English, Albanian, French, and Serbian. He is a member of the jury in many national and international competitions.

“Vestita di notte” , di Elisabetta Bagli

Ho sognato 
di camminare nel sole 
e  vestire la luce,
ma al risveglio 
mi son trovata vestita di notte,
con l’unica mia ricchezza:  
il velo del silenzio.
L’ho indossato felice
anche quando mi avvolgevi 
con lo scotch 
per non farmi respirare,
muovere, parlare, capire.
Mi hai denigrata,
svilita, umiliata,
hai demolito le mie sicurezze, 
annientato la mia natura,
senza mai sporcarti le mani.
Nulla è eterno!
I miei occhi ora sanno,
io ora so che con le braccia 
posso anche volare! 

“Dressed in the colours of the night”, by Elisabetta Bagli

I have dreamed
To be walking in the sun
Dressed in light,
but upon awakening
I have found myself 
dressed in the colours of the night,
with my true wealth:
the veil of silence.
I wore it happily
even when you wrapped me up
with tape
not to let me breathe,
move, speak, understand.
You denigrated me,
Debased me, humiliated me,
you demolished my securities,
annihilated my nature,
without ever getting your hands dirty.
Nothing is eternal!
Now my eyes know,
now I know that with my arms
I can fly too!

Translated into Spanish by Elisabetta Bagli

Elisabetta  Bagli

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