Óscar Cerezo

Óscar Cerezo was born in Madrid one summer of 1978, although destiny decided that his favorite season would be autumn. Tireless creator, he is the author of Making Love with Words, with four editions that guarantee his success, and his current work El Mercader de Sentimientos, where he shows a mature version in his way of writing, with his own style. Óscar Cerezo combines his Police profession and responsibility as a father with his sentimental literary art, where as always he is open-hearted.

Dania. A witch in the city.

Chapter 3. The tyranny of the insurgents.

Mrs. Betty's room is under the staircase that leads up to the second floor, her room has its own bathroom and the kitchen is past the pantry along with the shelves of botany, agriculture, gardens and home. I have commented to Mrs. Betty that I would like to write to my parents so that I can tell them how good I am here, how much I like this city and when I got up I had a blank sheet, an envelope and next to it a nib, the inkwell and a coin of a pain with a note that says, "buy stamps" .

It's almost noon and Mrs. Betty still hasn't gotten up, she went to bed early last night and ate only a broth. When the clients leave I'll go see how he is.

"Mrs. Betty, are you alright?" I knock on the door, but he doesn't respond. "Hello?" -I call again.
After a few seconds I press the handle and push carefully.

"Mrs. Betty?" It smells closed and the blind is down. A line of light is drawn on the floor and reaches the bed.

"Excuse me, are you all right?" I approach, setting aside the line of light and getting to see it. She is wrapped, with her back to me.

Without removing the quilt I touch her shoulder, I call her by name again but she continues without answering. I shake her lightly and caress her face, it's cold but her forehead is soaked, her neck too. I get nervous, I don't even know where the medications are, maybe something in the medicine cabinet can help me. I think of Cristine, her bakery, she is the only person next to her husband that I know in the city.

He calls me with a voice thread and turns his face just a few millimeters.

"Mrs. Betty!" —I feel so useless. He stroked his forehead and ran to raise the blind. "What do I do?" -I'm shaking.

"Call ... Morice." The doctor. The agenda.

After Dr. Morice left, I returned to the room with Mrs. Betty. She is sitting on the bed with the quilt folded under her chest.

"Thank you very much, Dania." If it hadn't been for you… ”She is silent and invites me to sit next to her.“ It's been a long time since something like this happened to me. ”She grabs my hand, she seems so vulnerable. Before, my niece took care of all this, she knew when to give me the medications and the infusion of wheat and seaweed for pain.

"Is she the girl in the photo?" I ask with a huge smile.

—Yes, it's her, she slept in your room but she went south to the university and her last letter spoke of a boy, an army pilot. Perhaps you have married and have a child.

"Why don't you write it to see how it is."

—I wrote many letters but she had to change her address, because they all came back to me, they are there on the shelf, unopened.

For a moment grief grips my heart.

"Do you know, Mrs. Betty?" I take his hand in both of mine. From now on I will be the one in charge of the medicines, like her niece did… ”I hesitate.

"Sophy." It is called Sophy. He fills his lungs with air and sighs. By the way, have you written to your parents?
-No, not yet, today many people came and the lady in the red hat has returned "The tyranny of the insurgents" and has taken "Current Policy", I think they do not even read them and use books as an excuse to go out home, ”he laughed out loud, but Mrs. Betty didn't laugh.

"People want to know more." They want to know why the neighboring country broke the coal and transport treaty, if our leaders do not reach an agreement we could go to war.

I don't know what to say, I had heard things about the war in the north, a long time ago and the north is where I am now.

-Let's go! It snaps me out of my thoughts. Go write that letter, I am sure your parents will be very happy when they read the woman you have become.

Óscar Cerezo

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