Xavier Eguiguren

Biography: Xavier Eguiguren, born in Clemont Ferrand (France), in 1969, the son of Spanish emigrants. In 1978, he returned to Spain, specifically to the city of Valladolid, where he lived until 1989, at which time he joined the Civil Guard Corps.

It highlights the first destination, in Barcelona, followed by places like Eibar, and San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa), these last locations of absolute hostility and chronologically immersed in a bloody stage of the ETA terrorist band. Outline among their destinations other trouble spots such as the Arosa Estuary (A Coruña), Madrid, etc ...

During his stay in Asturias as an agent of the Civil Guard, he has dealt with the protection and safety of victims of gender violence.

He publishes articles on gender violence and bullying in magazines such as Letras de Parnaso — Cartagena, Mandragora — Chile, on the official website of UNEE (National Union of Writers of Spain); in Atlantica XXII (Thought Magazine).

He has participated as a collaborator in the Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias, in the space "Not one less", addressing real cases of violence against women and children. He has participated in the radio space "Caminos", Asturias X2 program on Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias, together with the historian Álvaro Solano, traveling through history, mythology and literature on the Camino de Santiago Primitivo.

Autor de textos sobre la violencias, con los títulos: «162 huérfanos» y «Acoso escolar»; trabajos con los que ha participado en dos ediciones de la colección: Algo que decir — Ateneo Blasco Ibáñez de Valencia.

He currently resides in the city of Oviedo. He studies Language and Literature at the National University of Distance Education.

He publishes his first literary work in 2016, entitled «Hell, heaven and a green suit on earth»; addresses small remnants of the life of an agent of the Benemérita and her northern syndrome.

It is part of a project of name, "Educating in Equal Justice" in Asturias, made up of judges, prosecutors and lawyers, together with which it makes presentations at different secondary schools on gender violence. He is part of "Writers for Human Rights" of the Ateneo Blasco Ibáñez in Valencia, he is a delegate of that entity in Asturias.

He has published on travel, the roads of Santiago, terrorism, in the newspaper El Monárquico, Liter Nauta magazine, La Alcazaba, in the magazine Visit me Magazine - New York and in the Long Island daily newspaper - New York. Collaborator in the daily Oriente and the newspaper La Nueva España - Asturias. Integrated as coordinator for the European continent of a prestigious International Meeting of Ibero-American Writers in Paris. Delegate of the union of writers of Spain in Asturias; correspondent and columnist for the prestigious magazine Enki - Mallorca in Asturias; columnist in El Pitazo - Venezuela (Newspaper awarded with the Ortega y Gasset Prize 2019, and Gabo Prize 2019).

He publishes his second literary work dated February 2018 with the name "730000 steps on the roads of Santiago", thoughts, landscapes, myths, legends and historical reviews that the author himself finds on the roads of primitive and Portuguese Santiago.

He publishes a third book with the Babidi bú publishing house: Papá, count my drawings!, A project used and advised by both national and international teachers for the values it carries. Currently, Dad count my drawings! It is found in national schools in: Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria, Madrid, Aragon, Murcia, Mallorca, Castilla y León; and international in Paris and Panama.

Corresponding Academic Investido of the «International Academy of Sciences, Technology and Humanities» of Valencia, on November 9, 2019.

Ilustrado por Marta


"Last year we lost half the bee colony," Syrup says, very concerned.

Syrup is a small bee that, like the others, has a pair of large eyes that occupy a large part of the head, and among those precious big eyes, three tiny eyes called simple. It sports two beautiful antennas. It has six legs and boasts two pairs of wings. Syrup produces honey, and for this, it visits seven thousand flowers every day. He loves to perch on daisies, they are his favorites because they bloom almost all year round. She is very proud of her awesome mission, which is to help plants reproduce.

What's going on in the bee kingdom? There is a lot of sadness, but there is also fear; So much so that the little feet tremble and the wings of the whole community buzz. Even the small first, second and third infant larvae cry.

"It is true that we are very worried and sad at the same time," Melaza answers. Last week, as if by magic, Zi disappeared, who was a friend of my mom. We haven't known anything about Za or Ze for a long time. Three days ago the bee Zo, missing from the hive, portal 1, floor 3. They say that Zu, the neighbor of 5, the one who “zezeaba”, has not returned home after her visit to the speech therapist. They were all bees from our colony; all friends.

"I'm very scared Syrup," Melaza says, as she clenches her jaws tightly, so you don't notice her stuttering in fright and disgust.

Wow, that carelessness I have not introduced you to Molasses. It's another bee from the hive. When she came to live with her mom and dad in the community of Campo de Las Amapolas, the school director accompanied her to the class of the bumblebee D. Melitón, the dance and language teacher, and there they sat her at the same table as Sirope , since then they are the best friends in the universe of bees.

Syrup recalled that in the class of natives with the teacher Doña Confitura, they learned a lot of surprising things about bees: Only seven of the more than twenty thousand species of bees produce honey. Many of the world's food crops depend on the work of bees, helping plants and fruits to grow. Queen bees can live up to six years of age. These insects are oriented with the sun. When a bee finds food, it alerts its companions with a kind of dance of such joy that it enters. For humans to feed they depend on bees.

Without the work of Syrup and her friends, many foods would not grow, such as: Apples, melon, coffee, lemon, carrots….

The forests would be left without fruits or plants, what a disaster for all the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Our two protagonists decided that this situation could not continue like this, someone had to solve it, you cannot continue waiting in the Campo de Las Amapolas without doing anything, until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, all the bees disappear.

“Molasses!” Shouts Syrup, we are from now on a special mission; We will discover why our friends: Za, Ze, Zi, Zo and Zu have disappeared from the hive. Let's synchronize the clocks, we will prepare a survival backpack and tomorrow at 7 in the morning we will meet in the old oak. Let no one see us leave the hive or they won't let us go.

"Understood," Molasses nods, let's separate and each one to her house; The future of humanity depends on this mission.

At 7 o'clock in the morning the next day, our two little flying friends met in the old oak of Campo de Las Amapolas.

"Ready, set, go!" Melaza yelled.

And moving their wings at great speed, they both shot towards the sun; always in a straight line. They crossed the great river, then the Las Margaritas field, until they came to a place with large wooden houses where the noisy human seed planters lived.

And there they were, holding on with their two long legs. Their faces were covered with strange colored masks. They were the so-called humans. It was scary to see them standing next to some very tall green plants. Four of those men carried clear plastic bottles on their backs. From each bottle came a rubber tube that spat out liquid. Humans held those hoses with their hands and pointed the liquid at the fruits of those plants. They were tomatoes. Over the entire plantation a great yellowish cloud formed that smelled fatal.

Our bees were hidden behind some daisies; they closely monitored the movements of these people. The wind blew so hard that it pushed the yellow cloud over Melaza's little body, who fell unconscious on the ground. "It is a poisonous liquid. It is a pesticide for tomato crops. I think they have poisoned my dear friend, thought Syrup.

When the disgusting cloud disappeared, the humans were already gone. At the foot of a daisy were: Molasses lying on the floor and Syrup at his side cleaning the body covered in stinky liquid with drops of water.

"Who am I, what am I doing here, where is my house, and who are you?" - Molasses asks Syrup, after waking up.

-I am your best friend! - Syrup replies puzzled. Don't you know who you are, or where your house is?

"No! I wouldn't know how to get to my house," Melaza answers.

Now I understand everything, thought Syrup. The poisons that humans use for crops are harmful to us bees; when we breathe them we forget the way back to our hives. Molasses does not remember where our house is, if I was not here to help her, I would never see her again, she would be lost forever. That is what must have happened to Za, Ze, Zi, Zo and Zu, who could not find their way back to the hive.

Fortunately, our heroines were able to return with their family and friends to the field of Las Amapolas. Molasses after resting in her bed, she was already much better; had recovered all memory. They told what happened to the bee community. The news spread through the universe of insects. The next mission would be to find the lost bees. But before, a letter had to be written in the language of the rulers, also translated into the dancing language of the world's bees, so that the message of despair could go as far as possible.

"Copy your Molasses," I dictate, says Syrup:

Dear rulers of humans.

We bees would like you to use products for your crops that do not harm the environment, nor the lives of other people on Earth; do it while you have the chance. Take care of the environment. Recycle. Do not compete to have more objects, because you do not know it yet, but the most precious object you have, is the planet Earth, and also the bees.

Syrup and Molasses ”.

Girls and boys, help the protagonists of this story to find their friends the lost bees. You and you will tell that new story, because you are the future of humanity. Take care of the bees and you will surely find Za, Ze, Zi, Zo and Zu very soon.

Syrup and Molasses ask you: What is the function of bees, and what would happen if they disappeared?

Xavier Eguiguren

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