Xavier Eguiguren

Biography: Xavier Eguiguren, born in Clemont Ferrand (France), in 1969, the son of Spanish emigrants. In 1978, he returned to Spain, specifically to the city of Valladolid, where he lived until 1989, at which time he joined the Civil Guard Corps.

It highlights the first destination, in Barcelona, followed by places like Eibar, and San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa), these last locations of absolute hostility and chronologically immersed in a bloody stage of the ETA terrorist band. Outline among their destinations other trouble spots such as the Arosa Estuary (A Coruña), Madrid, etc ...

During his stay in Asturias as an agent of the Civil Guard, he has dealt with the protection and safety of victims of gender violence.

He publishes articles on gender violence and bullying in magazines such as, Letras de Parnaso — Cartagena, Mandragora — Chile, on the official website of UNEE (National Union of Writers of Spain); in Atlantica XXII (Thought Magazine).

He has participated as a collaborator in the Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias, in the space "Not one less", addressing real cases of violence against women and children. He has participated in the radio space "Caminos", Asturias X2 program on Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias, together with the historian Álvaro Solano, traveling through history, mythology and literature on the Camino de Santiago Primitivo.

Author of texts on violence, with the titles: "162 orphans" and "Bullying"; works with which he has participated in two editions of the collection: Something to say - Ateneo Blasco Ibáñez de Valencia.

He currently resides in the city of Oviedo. Study Language and Literature at the National University of Distance Education.

He publishes his first literary work in 2016, entitled «Hell, heaven and earth a green suit»; addresses small remnants of the life of an agent of the Benemérita and her northern syndrome.

It is part of a project of name, "Educating in Equal Justice" in Asturias, made up of judges, prosecutors and lawyers, together with which he makes presentations at different secondary schools on gender violence. He is part of "Writers for Human Rights" of the Ateneo Blasco Ibáñez in Valencia, he is a delegate of that entity in Asturias.

He has published on travel, the roads of Santiago, terrorism, in the newspaper El Monárquico, Liter Nauta magazine, La Alcazaba, in the magazine Visítame Magazine - New York and in the newspaper Long Island al día - New York. Collaborator in the daily newspaper Oriente and in the newspaper La Nueva España - Asturias. Integrated as coordinator for the European continent of a prestigious International Meeting of Ibero-American Writers in Paris. Delegate of the union of writers of Spain in Asturias; correspondent and columnist for the prestigious magazine Enki - Mallorca in Asturias; columnist in El Pitazo - Venezuela (Newspaper awarded with the Ortega y Gasset Prize 2019, and Gabo Prize 2019).

He publishes his second literary work dated February 2018 with the name "730000 steps on the roads of Santiago", thoughts, landscapes, myths, legends and historical reviews that the author himself finds on the roads of primitive and Portuguese Santiago.

He publishes a third book with the Babidi bú publishing house: Dad, count my drawings !, a project used and advised by both national and international teachers for the values that are implicit in it. Currently, Dad count my drawings! It is found in national schools in: Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria, Madrid, Aragon, Murcia, Mallorca, Castilla y León; and international in Paris and Panama.

Corresponding Academic Investido of the «International Academy of Sciences, Technology and Humanities» of Valencia, on November 9, 2019.

Kidnapping a diva

There is silence

It was on September 22, 2002, when Laura Zapata's hands clung to the walls. Doubt pierced the pleasant autumn and even more the parasympathetic winter. Static was the swing; it is the reason, or the balance that Laura's proof of life expects. Antagonistic and solitary is the uncontrolled movement of the pendulum. The unreason dressed in rapture; blackmail; of retention or forced confinement.

Waiting for the compassion of the kidnappers is wasted time. Cover your head with a smelly towel. Pray what you know to God. If you look at my face I will kill you.

What are you doing Laurita? Nothing, they are the howls of my terrifying thoughts, those that like fish bite their tails. Infinite circuits, short circuited. Lord, I beg you! Do not break Laura, no! And you have already broken a knot inside the trunk of a car.

The wind rocks the trees, the gates of heaven squeak, and the moisture of the tears erodes the skin. Keep your eyes closed and touch the seams that keep your feet attached to that dirty floor; you can feel the wounds open, and they hurt like fear hurts.

You will be outlined in white chalk on the ground. A flat and dark interior contour. I want to fly but I can't, you want to fly and the light has gone out.

A few hours before her kidnapping, Laura Zapata intervenes in the play, La casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca, at the Manolo Fábregas Theater Center in Mexico….

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda was born in Mexico City. Film, theater, television actress, poet and singer. Participate in soap operas, movies, and plays. It publishes two discs, and publishes a poetry book. He has endless recognition for his career.

Dressed in a spectacular Mexican regional costume, Laura Zapata is the guest of honor at the II Meeting of Ibero-American Writers in Paris, an event organized by the Countess, Flor María Muñoz Gambirasio d'Asseux, presenting the interviewee with a title book, El alma que se hover.

Laura Zapata has been kind enough to grant this newsroom the possibility of being witnesses, and involving readers in a beautiful journey through these paragraphs.

Welcome to your special world.

In Laura Zapata everything she does becomes art. Do you learn to make art, or are you born with that gift?

With art one is born. When my teacher and great Mexican actress, María Teresa Montoya, discovered me at the age of 9; He said to my Granny: "This girl has art in her veins" and she was not mistaken. By birth I am an artist, by vocation, and of course by instruction. Ease for what you are born and you are, with the gifts that God gives you, of course those gifts you must educate, guide and learn techniques to properly know how to get the most out of what you know how to do, in order to serve art and give art. Most importantly, be happy with who you are and what you do.

In reference to the title of your poetry book, “El alma que peña”, do you need to go down to the well?

“The soul that appears” is just one way of naming the exercise of putting on paper the way of seeing, understanding, introjecting, translating, savoring, loving, crying, imploring, laughing, suffering, making and experiencing life…. I have always known that as it is inside it is outside, and if I pour my interior into the outside, I call it "The Soul that Peeks Out"; and if to achieve this I must go down to the bottom of my soul, to my conscience, my eternal wisdom, to the well, yes, to the well, to be able to extract from it the experiences long accumulated in the evolution of so much life, I do it.

Explain to us what the project consists of, Leo…. Then I exist.

Leo then I exist is a project created by the National Institute of Fine Arts, where artists committed to art, society and the exercise of reading participate to be a link between writers, poets, storytellers, creators of worlds with letters and the public in general. There is also a section in this program called "You want me to tell you again", and this is aimed at children.

How has your thinking changed after living the traumatic experience of a kidnapping?

The thought always changes according to the experiences that are lived. If you ask me what kidnapping is for me, I will tell you: "it is something unimaginable, inexplicable and unforgettable"; it is as if lightning strikes you and breaks you into millions of particles; that if you conserve life it takes a long time to reunite and form again, it is a rebirth; the way I organized myself in my mother's womb, putting order to be able to be born and be what I am now; You also have to work on yourself again to return to a new life. Kidnapping is suspended death, the barter that has been taking place for many years between bandits and good people; exchanging a beloved garment for the money they want, they make you suffer by putting you on the edge of the road. You give me what you have worked in exchange for your heart and your life.

You are treated like merchandise; if there is merchandise there is business; if the merchandise is damaged or disappears, the cost falls, or there is no business; as well as GOODS. Heartless who become an Attila of society, they do business with the lives of others. What lowliness of spirit, such a crude soul, without a soul, much less a heart.

Yes, my life and my thinking changed, like any experience that touches your life. This made me know the shadow, the dark part of some entities that cannot be called beings. And the luminous part of many friends, known and unknown, fans and public; the whole world prayed for me, that's what has me here among the living. Thanks to all who did it, I take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my soul and tell them that I am stronger than ever, because what does not kill strengthens.

The soul that appears, is yours, are your experiences, your own jealousy, rebirth, certainty?

The Soul that appears is me with each and every one of the emotions described; and it is also you living and translating your life.

She has received several awards for the best villain, why always villain in soap operas?

Yes, I have been fortunate that each of the characters that I have made in soap operas as the antagonist have been nominated and awarded by all the groups dedicated to that, to reward acting work.

The villain? I think that to be a villain, as well as to make a Greek tragedy, you need a special breast cancer, and to keep it for so long or season in the theater, at least 100 performances, or months of acting on a television forum without fainting; scenic strength that not all actresses have…. and this is what allows you to access great characters, those who have done me the favor of entrusting me and who have given me so many awards; although the most important for me, the public recognition award for my acting work.

What is the meaning of the title “Cielo Rojo” on your last album?

Syrup and Molasses ask you: What is the function of bees, and what would happen if they disappeared?

What is Laura Zapata passionate about?

I am passionate about life in its entirety; I am one of those who says yes to life. I experience in every way that worries me. I love to travel, meet people, cultures, spaces, different foods, different thoughts…. and get to know me more in each of the expressions lived, experienced, sought. God gave me life for that, to live it to the fullest, in expansion of my being and my conscience; without harming anyone.

After the kidnapping, not only has he learned to rebuild himself, but he has managed to improve himself. How did he do it?

To get stuck in an experience is to punish yourself. Everything has a time and you don't have to give it one more minute. The experiences stay there, in that life line, at that moment, in your time, space; it is not necessary to walk them carrying in a sack that weighs no longer senseless, it has no object. To transcend them, you have to love them and get rid of them. When you understand with love, it is already, you have already passed it, and you do not have to live it again, that would make you suffer and life is not suffering, life for me is to enjoy, live fully every moment, that life itself, I swear it will give you more suffering.

We have learned that infinite art arises from the soul's most hidden place, FROM THE LOOKING SOUL.

"It took six years to put myself back together, to rebuild my self, to glue the broken pieces of my soul one by one."

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda.

Xavier Eguiguren

Correspondent in Europe for “Visit me Magazine”.

Xavier Eguiguren

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