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Thirty- third edition

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Reflections LuzDelMes
By Maritza M. Mejia

Non-selective virus

The little Covid-19 virus, the year it started, and Corona for its appearance; of the spiked crown seen around the surface, is not selective. Viruses can catch us all equally.

Respecting the human being, who is as human as you are is a titanic task, we have not been able to see the neighbor with the same eyes. The sharp 20/20 gaze becomes selective and discriminatory left and right regardless of what affects the other.

Many are quarantining people who have not spoken for a long time and have realized that they did not know them, many times they are from our own family. In times of pandemic, we are all the same; rich and poor; black and white; Asian or Anglo; young or old; the list may be long. But we are all human.

Spring / autumn passed without feeling, summer / winter arrives with intense weather and we are waking up to a new norm and some expecting a normality that will not return. Now we do have to maintain a healthy and anxiety-free mind in the face of upcoming events. Panic can be more severe than illness. I'm not a doctor, but I know from experience that anxiety weakens my immune system. Every time I get sick, I re-evaluate what is happening to me, I always find that anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, little nutritional nutrition and stress are catastrophic for my health.

It is time to be at peace, peace calms all stress. Walking and contemplating nature in a conscious way helps us to relax. If you can not leave the house, find a window where the sun enters and let yourself be bathed in its healing rays. Contemplate the moon at night and remember there is always light after dark.

What have you learned in six months of a pandemic?

Nature + Collaboration + Productivity = Peace

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Educator, Bilingual Author, Cultural Promoter and Translator

Posted 7 books
Awarded with Crystal Apple, VCB Poetry, Latino Book Awards

Maritza M. Mejía

Collaborating writer for “Visítame Magazine”. New York section.

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