Edition-34 Year 2020

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Thirty-fourth edition

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Reflections of the Light of the Month
By Maritza M. Mejia

Quarantine Reflection 2020

Unpredictable situations suddenly come into our lives, but a global incident is an unusual experience. The pandemic has expanded at a speed and range that exceeds the initial expectations of many news and reports. We are living a summer / winter out of the ordinary. We are realizing that we are not going to return to normal.

Covid'19 pressured us to take a different route.
What should we prioritize?
What should we stop and what should we do?

I would respond by saying, live serenely one day at a time. Maybe that's the way we should always have lived Nature has been showing us. In days gone by, Tropical Storm Isaías hit us, stirring up the earth, uprooting branches, bringing a lot of rain and new life began to blossom. Various birds arrived in my garden, strange toads, the flowers began to sprout and the grass took on a new hue. The storm gave way to a lavish landscape. Nature shows us how changes, even destructive, always bring a majestic panorama and an unsuspected adaptation.

I believe that our common global experience of the pandemic crisis will give us the opportunity to reexamine the relationship between nature and human beings. I trust it will lead us to an upcoming new period. And I hope in the rebirth of new values.

Nature + Collaboration + Productivity = Peace

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Educator, Bilingual Author, Cultural Promoter and Translator

Published 7 books
Recipient of Crystal Apple, VCB Poetry, Latino Book Awards

Maritza M. Mejia

Contributing writer for “Visítame Magazine”. New York Section.

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