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Reflections LuzDelMes
By Maritza M. Mejia

Time of Change 2020

Where is God? It is difficult to hear the signs of the times when you believe in a distant God who acts only by the laws of creation, but does not intervene with humanity. A deistic position that distorts reality and the encounter with a loving God and creator of existence.

Daily news bombards us with suffering and all its shadows. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has confused the world and taken us out of our comfort. The year 2020 screams loud and clear, "It's time to change!" Perhaps, God is speaking to us. Let's hear it!

For centuries, humanity has wanted to find answers about creation, existence, and eternal life. Answers that have been found in faith, in the stars, or in reason. Some have been embraced, others have created great controversies, and others have led to wars and family separations.

The year 2020 could be the ideal moment to move from that deistic vision of the distant God to a theistic position to conceive a personal God who interacts with humanity and intervenes in the universe as our friend and refuge.

Let's wake up to a 20/20 vision without colors or religions, just love and respect for our "Common Home," Earth, and our Father Creator. Contrary to what many are proclaiming, I do not see the pandemic as a Divine punishment, but as a life lesson that the Universe itself is offering us. Perhaps, God is speaking to us. Let's hear it!

The time has come to be in solidarity with others, to see where we can put our talents to serve humanity in a universal prayer that can sustain us. Let's get back to basics!

Nature + Collaboration + Productivity = Peace

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Educator, Bilingual Author, Cultural Promoter and Translator

Posted 7 books
Awarded with Crystal Apple, VCB Poetry, Latino Book Awards

Maritza M. Mejía

Collaborating writer for “Visítame Magazine”. New York section.

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